Investigation Gang

The Doggie Investigation Gang aka DIG is no ordinary business. For starters, it is run completely by three dogs that happen to be best friends and partners for their own detective dog agency.

Hi Guys!

Cooper is a big yellow labrador, smart, and always ready for adventure.
Charlie is a medium sized spaniel, who's a bit of a worrier and always aware of his surroundings.
Pedro is a little blind min pin with a fast smelling nose.

Join the Doggie Investigation Gang as they solve their first mystery - “The Case of the Missing Canine”, and then follow them throughout their adventures in “The Case of the Missing Pendant” and then “The Case of the Missing Baseball Glove.”
All books in the series have an accompanying Teacher’s Learning Guide, perfect for your classroom or children’s group. And Woof! Woof! proceeds from book sales & merchandise support dog rescues throughout New England. Doggie Investigation Gang (DIG) books are available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Walmart.

Author: Shara Katsos

Shara Katsos was awarded the third highest honor with the Department of the Army Civilian Awards, the Outstanding Civilian Service Award, for substantial contributions to the U.S. Army and Veteran community. She has a Master of Social Work degree and is a licensed independent social worker. She is employed at the Veterans Healthcare Administration (VHA). In her children’s book series she hopes to inspire children to believe in themselves and to help others. She believes that dogs are a tremendous resource for humans, which dogs have proven through their work leading the blind, assisting the deaf, building confidence for children with autism and Veterans with PTSD. She believes humans should return the favor and make high kill shelters illegal. She has written the Doggie Investigation Gang, DIG series in an effort to raise funds for dog rescue groups. Her hobbies include spending time with her husband, Steve, their daughter, Sophie, and the Doggie Investigation Gang.

D.I.G. The Series

The Case of the Missing Canine

The Case of the Missing Canine is the first story in The Doggie Investigation Gang series of children's books. Cooper, Charlie and Pedro meet their friend, Gizmo, the beagle at Bow Wow Park. Gizmo is sad, as he believes his canine friend, Duchess is lost forever. The Doggie Investigation Gang promises their friend, Gizmo that they will find Duchess. As they unravel the mystery, Cooper, Charlie and Pedro learn all about the fostering and adoption process of dogs in need of homes. And, they find Duchess happily living in a loving, forever home. In the end, they are all able to convince their human parents to bring them back to Bow Wow Park for a canine union!

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The Case of the Missing Pendant

After solving their first mystery in The Case of the Missing Canine, Cooper, Charlie and Pedro are the talk of Pawtown! As a result, a few dog siblings request their help in finding their dog sister’s pendant that has a special meaning to her.
As the Doggie Investigation Gang, tries to uncover the mystery of the pendant, they meet many new animal friends that live in Lickadee Lake and learn the importance of friendship, working together and giving back to others.

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The Case of the Missing Baseball Glove

In The Case of the Missing Baseball Glove, a bird named, Chloe to assist a young boy distraught about the loss of his glove, summons the Doggie Investigation Gang. The dogs are surprised to learn that a dog is behind the mystery.

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The Case of the Missing Tutu

The Case of the Missing Tutu introduces a new family member to the Doggie Investigation Gang. The dogs are saddened that their new human sister is devastated by the loss of her favorite purple tutu.
The dogs struggle to find the tutu and for the first time question their ability to solve a mystery. With the return of Chloe the bird and a dapper new animal character the dogs realize that their gang needs assistance from their friends to unravel what happened to the tutu.

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  • Reviews

  • “Wonderful read, Powerful Impact.”

    “As the executive director of PAWS New England, I admittedly have a bit of a biased perspective as Shara is graciously donating all proceeds from the sales of this book to PAWS New England. I received an advanced copy of the book and found is so enjoyable and an absolute delightful read! This will be the book that your children are asking to read over and over again. We cannot wait for the next book in this series to come out! Thank you Shara for your compassion and your generosity to help save dogs in need. We hope this book receives the acclaim and attention that it deserves!”

  • Robin Stoddard Graham, Animal Rescue Advocate Said:

    “As I read this book with the passion put forth from Shara in writing it, I am reminded of one thing. We tend to think that people should do something about a particular situation, but more often than not we do nothing to improve it. I commend Shara for following her heart, writing this book and doing something to raise the awareness of adopting a pet. Please consider adopting from a rescue group or your local shelter. Together we can change the outcome. In the end, it takes a village….that starts with one person.”

  • Amy Cardello, Paws New England Volunteer Said:

    “The Doggie Investigation Gang (DIG), in their first book, The Case of The Missing Canine, tells the story of three canine buddies who set off on an adventure to solve the disappearance of a fellow dog park furry buddy. It is a heartfelt, warm and inspiring story of foster dogs, their foster families and their furever families. As a fellow dog rescue volunteer and foster, I enjoyed tremendously The Case of the Missing Canine and the DIG (Cooper, Charlie and Pedro) as a story of love, friendship and wagging tails! I highly recommend The Case of the Missing Canine to all canine lovers!”

  • Kara Lynch, Third Grade Teacher Said:

     “I would utilize this story in a heartbeat, not only does it lend itself to our Grade Three Common Core Curriculum, it allows readers to empathize/understand the situation of the foster dogs and what an amazing thing foster parents are doing. Given the ways of the world today, as a teacher, I feel a responsibility when at all possible to select literature that will provide a snapshot of human beings at their best. As it’s an opportunity to show my students that there is good in this world, and to perhaps inspire them to grow into the kind of people that do good things.”

  • Betsey Martel, Director of Children’s Services Public Library:

    “DIG is a fun adventure for kids who love dogs. It’s a gentle read, great for sharing with your favorite furry friends! Kids will be curious to know what these three dog detectives get involved in next”

  • “A great canine adventure!”

    “A wonderful surprise from Shara Katsos, who takes kids on a joyful, adventurous, mystery from the voices of three pups which are actually based on her three rescue dogs. These three members of the Investigation Gang are adorable, well developed characters that will steal your heart with their quirky personalities, one of which does not let his disability get in the way of being a spirited and talented ” investigator”. An amazing and unexpected plus…besides being a fun lighthearted adventure, it introduces children to the animal rescue and dog fostering concept that is weaved into this adventure. Perfect book for your child if you are looking for a book that will make them not want to put it down! Also, this book is great for class and group discussion. Adults and children alike will enjoy this, I certainly did:)”

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